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Mini S4, 15-16th July, 2022 in Innsbruck, Austria


The Mini S4 will be held at the Centre of Chemistry and Biomedicine (CCB) at the University of Innsbruck. The venue is located in the center of Innsbruck and is easily accessible by foot from most hotels. However, there are several options for public transport as well.

Links/descriptions of buses/metro/city bikes/etc (Mojgan, could you provide this info?) maybe we add a map of the city centre, marking the CCB?

Address: CCB, Innrain 80, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria


KR9 has a lot of information about travel, should we add something ourselves or link to their website?


Mojgan: when can we announce this? and do they use the same code? and do they have to attend the KR9? we need some details here I think

Attendees are responsible for securing their own lodging. We are pleased to announce that we can offer lodging discounts in collaboration with the KR9 conference at a number of hotels (see below), however, there are many other hotels available as well. For booking from the hotels listed below, please email or phone with the respective code. Be aware that the hotels will release any unbooked rooms by a specified date.

List of hotels, rooms, prices, discount code

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