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What is S4?
S4 stands for Student-led Training School focused on speleothem science—a discipline studying secondary cave mineral deposits to understand past climate, environmental, and archaeological changes. It's an educational platform featuring lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities for graduate students and newcomers to the field.

When and where will the next S4 event take place?

The upcoming S4 event is in the planning stage. Please stay tuned to the S4 website or social media channels for updates on the date, location, and details.

What does an S4 event typically involve?
S4 typically includes lectures by leading experts in speleothem science, workshops covering various aspects of the field, poster sessions for participants to present their work (even at the proposal stage), and networking opportunities with established researchers. The event often incorporates field trips
 to significant cave regions.

What were the highlights of the previous S4 events?

Previous S4 events have featured lectures on diverse topics such as isotopic studies, climate reconstructions, database utilization, petrography, age-depth modeling, and discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the field. Additionally, they included field trips to renowned cave regions like PETAR.

Will recordings of lectures and workshops be available?
Yes, recordings of several lectures and workshops from past S4 events are available on the S4 YouTube channel. These recordings offer a wealth of knowledge for those interested in speleothem science.

Is financial assistance or funding available for participants?
S4 aims to facilitate access for students and newcomers to the field. While specific details for financial assistance or funding for participants may vary for each event, in the past, some S4 events have offered partial or full financial support through scholarships or grants. Please refer to the event's website or contact the organizing committee for information regarding financial assistance opportunities for the upcoming event.

Are there opportunities for sponsorships or partnerships for the S4 event?

Sponsorship and partnership opportunities are often available for organizations, institutions, or companies interested in supporting the S4 initiative. Previous events have welcomed collaborations with sponsors to help cover costs, enhance the event experience, and provide additional resources for participants. For inquiries about sponsorship or partnership opportunities for the upcoming S4 event, please reach out to the organizing committee via the contact information provided on the S4 website.

What did the registration fee cover in the last S4 event?
In previous events, the registration fee typically covered lodging, breakfasts, lunches, and the field trip. However, specifics for the upcoming event will be updated on the S4 website once the details are finalized.

How can I stay updated about the upcoming S4 event?
To stay updated on the latest news and announcements regarding the upcoming S4 event, please regularly check the S4 website or follow their social media accounts for timely updates.

How can I participate in the S4 event?
Once the details for the next S4 event are announced, registration details, including how to participate, will be available on the S4 website. Typically, interested individuals can register through an online form provided on the website.

Can undergraduate students attend the S4 event?
Typically, S4 is aimed at graduate students and those new to applying speleothem science. However, undergraduate students with a keen interest in the field may be eligible to attend. Specific eligibility criteria and guidelines for undergraduate participation will be provided once the details for the upcoming event are released. Please refer to the event's website or contact the organizing committee for further information.

Will certificates of participation or attendance be provided?
Certificates of participation or attendance are often provided to registered participants upon completion of the event. These certificates can be valuable for academic or professional purposes, such as adding to resumes or fulfilling academic requirements. Information regarding the availability and distribution of certificates for the upcoming S4 event will be communicated closer to the event date.

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