S4 Online Programme

January, 24th


5:00 pm CET        Shining a light: episodes in the history of speleothem science -  Prof. Dr.  Ian Fairchild, University of Birmingham, UK

5:45 pm CET        Good practices in speleothem science: from sampling to post-research - Dr. Andrea Columbu, University of Parma, Italy

6:30 pm CET        Incorporation of stable isotope signals and their climatic significance - Prof. Dr. Matt Lachniet, University of Nevada, US


7:30 pm CET        Age modelling with R - Prof. Dr. Denis Scholz, University of Mainz, Germany

January, 31st


11:00 pm CET      Speleothem Growth - Prof. Dr. Nicolás Stríkis, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil 

11:45 pm CET      Speleothem petrography and incorporation of selected trace elements and its

                              climatic relevance - Prof. Dr. Silvia Frisia, University of Newcastle, Australia

12:30 am CET      Cave monitoring - Dr. Pauline Treble, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia


1.30 am CET        Phreeqci and its applications in speleothem science - Prof. Dr. Adam Hartland, University of Wakaito, New Zealand

February, 7th


5:00 pm CET       Clumped isotopes - Prof. Dr. Nele Meckler, University of Bergen, Norway

5:45 pm CET       Th/U-dating - Dr. Dirk Hoffmann, Max Planck Institute, Germany

6:30 pm CET       U/Pb-dating - Prof. Dr. Yemane Asmerom, University of New Mexico


7:30 pm CET       Oxygen isotope signals in speleothems and its interpretation - Prof. Dr. Kathleen Johnson, University of California, Irvine