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Mini S4, 15-16th July, 2022 in Innsbruck, Austria

International Association of Sedimentology (IAS) travel awards

The S4 committee is pleased to announce that the International Association of Sedimentology (IAS) has kindly offered to support the Mini S4 event. The IAS will offer a number of travel awards specifically to Mini S4 attendees. These awards are not intended to cover the overall cost (i.e. travel, registration, accommodation), but rather minimize the total amount of expenses. Applications can be made via their website (link here) and the deadline to apply is May 31st. Please note that you must first register as a member of IAS in order to view the criteria and submit the application. The application requires submitting a letter of motivation, as well as some details regarding location and travel distance, affiliation, etc. Membership is 10 euros per year for students. We encourage everyone to apply. The awards will be given in a form of a reimbursement after the event.

Full and Partial Financial Support Awards

The S4 committee is pleased to offer a number of Full Financial Support Awards. These awards are made possible thanks to the support of the University of Innsbruck and Picarro Inc.

Please note that the Full Financial Support Awards are intended for participants who otherwise would not be able to attend the event (who lacks support from their home institution or other sources). The awards are aimed at students from lower-to-middle lower income countries. The Full Financial Support Award will cover the registration fee, accommodation and travel expenses.

Participants can also apply for the Partial Financial Support Awards that are aimed at students who demonstrate financial need. We are currently working on securing funds to provide partial financial support for participants from diverse backgrounds. However, we highly encourage all students to get support from other sources (e.g. IAS, see above), as our funds are limited. These awards will not cover all the costs, but rather minimize the total amount of expenses. These awards are open for everyone to apply for.

We kindly ask the participants to be considerate (e.g. economy class etc.). Both the Full and Partial Support Awards will be given in a form of a reimbursement after the Mini S4 event. Remember to inquire an invoice for your bookings (and make sure you store it) as no reimbursement is possible without an invoice and the payment confirmation (including the date and amount of payment, and the name of the account holder).

Apply for the Full and Partial Financial Support Awards via the link below. The application closes at May 31st.



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