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Lightening Research Talks
Mini S4, 15-16th July, 2022 in Innsbruck, Austria

Calla Gould-Whaley

PhD student

University of Melbourne, Australia

Subaqueous speleothems from Australia’s southern arid margin

Benjamin Tiger

​PhD student

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Investigating Indo-Pacific hydroclimate variability with stalagmites and models

Vanessa Skiba

PhD student

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany

On the forcing of glacial abrupt climate events

Ming-Qiang Liang

PhD student

University of louvain, Belgium

Asian-Australian monsoon evolution over the last millennium linked to ENSO in composite stalagmite δ18O records

Nils Schorndorf

PhD student

University of Heidelberg, Germany

Speleothems as recorders of local climate variability and its implications for Maya cultural evolution from Áaktun Kóopo cave, northern Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Sarah Ann Rowan

PhD student

University of Bern & Oeschger Centre for Climate Change, Switzerland

Monitoring carbon in karst systems – progress and potential

Simon D Steidle

PhD student

University of Innsbruck, Austria

Continuous 800,000-year-long paleo climate record in the desert (Devils Hole, USA)

Maria Jhonnie Villareal

Graduate (MSc/equivalent)

Water and Environmental Research of the Western Pacific - University of Guam, Guam, USA

Hydrogeological characterization of a high-discharge coastal freshwater spring system - Ayuyu Cave, Guam

Juan Luis Bernal Wormull

PhD student

University of Zaragoza, Spain

Stalagmite records from the Northeastern part of Iberia

Filip Šarc

PhD student

Karst research Institute, Postojna, Slovenia

Cave in Mežica lead-zinc mine (MVT deposit) developed in carbonate rocks of Watterstein Formation in Karavanke mountain range, Northern Slovenia

Marit Holten Løland

PhD student

University of Bergen, Norway

Deglacial evolution of tropical land temperature determined from stalagmite fluid inclusions

Ingrid Bejarano Arias

PhD student

Université de Rouen Normandie, France

Climate monitoring and paleoclimate studies from stalagmites in Caumont quarry-cave (Normandy, France)

Mansooreh Sani-Josheghani

PhD student

University of Innsbruck, Austria

Holocene paleoclimate of south-central Iran

Daniel James

PhD student

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

A seasonal-resolution stalagmite palaeoclimate record spanning the Maya Terminal Classic

Julio Cauhy Rodrigues

PhD student

Max Planck Graduate Center, Germany

Holocene extreme precipitation frequency and paleoclimate reconstruction based on high-resolution multi-proxy records from speleothems from south-east Brazil

Giselle Utida


University of São Paulo, Brazil

Northeast Brazilian paleoprecipitation reconstruction

Jade Robinson

PhD student

Northumbria University, England

Siberian stalagmites and interglacial wildfires

Rebecca Orrison

PhD student

University at Albany; SUNY, United States

Last Millennium Trends in South American Summer Monsoon Variability Captured in Proxy Records and Isotope-enabled Climate Models

Jennifer Klose

PhD student

Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Germany

Timing of Dansgaard-Oeschger events in Central Europe based on three precisely dated speleothems from Bleßberg Cave, Germany

Yassine Ait Brahim


Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

The spatio-temporal extent of the Green Sahara during the Last Glacial Period: insights from NW African speleothems records

Andrea Molero Monsonís

PhD student

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Environmental monitoring of Don Juan Cave for understanding the karst system under different climatic scenarios

Anika Donner

PhD student

University of Innsbruck, Austria

Mid-Pleistocene climate change in Greenland and its teleconnections: a speleothem-based approach

Claudia Cozadd

Graduate (MSc/equivalent)

Indiana State University, United States

Detecting multiannual to multidecadal precipitation variability in a speleothem from Mona Island, Puerto Rico

Laura Endres

PhD student

ETH Zuerich, Switzerland

Investigating NISA and SISAL speleothems to constrain the influence of meltwater pulses on AMOC and subsequent evolution of atmospheric trajectories and d18O gradients

Charlotte Honiat

PhD student

University of Innsbruck, Autriche

A paleoprecipitation and paleotemperature reconstruction of the Last Interglacial in the southeastern Alps

Melina Wertnik

PhD student

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Radiocarbon Measurements by Laser Ablation

Cameron Birney de Wet

PhD student

Vanderbilt University, United States

A multi-pronged approach to understanding paleo-hydroclimate in North America using proxy records and climate model output

Alexandre Honiat

Graduate (MSc/equivalent)

University of Toulouse 3 Paul-Sabatier, France

In situ optical measurement of water film thickness on cave walls and speleothems.















Taha Attou

PhD student

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

Speleothem-based paleoclimate research in Morocco
















Mojgan Soleimani

PhD student

University of Innsbruck, Austria

Last glacial maximum and last deglaciation climate reconstruction from Southwestern Iran stalagmite d18O and d13C


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