August 11th-17th, 2019

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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S4 will cover all things speleothem! Lectures and workshops will focus on the following topics:

- Paleoclimate and speleothems (Miryam Bar-Matthews)

- Speleothem formation (Denis Scholz)

- Oxygen isotopes (Matt Lachniet)

- Carbon isotopes (Ian Fairchild) 

- Trace elements (Adam Hartland)

- Fluid inclusions (Yuri Dublyanksy)

- Cave monitoring (Pauline Treble)

- Clumped isotopes (Anna Meckler)

- Uranium-lead dating (Jon Woodhead)

- High-resolution speleothem records (Lisa Baldini) 

- Integrating speleothem, marine and ice-core records (Russel Drysdale)

- Speleothem petrography (Silvia Frisia & Andrea Borsato) 

- Depth-age modeling (Sebastian Breitenbach) 

- Time-series analysis (Bedartha Goswami)

- Managing ambitious projects (Gina Moseley)

- Speleothems and archaeology (Dirk Hoffmann)

- Speleothems and climate models (Kathleen Johnson)

- Modeling speleothem proxy systems (Chris Day) 

- Cryogenic speleothems (Bogdan Onac & Aurel Persoiu)

- Professional Development (Panel) 


Download the final schedule here as PDF or JPEG:

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We kindly thank the following organizations for making the S4 possible. 

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Applications are now closed, thank you for all that applied.  

As a reminder, registration fees will include lodging costs, lunches, morning and afternoon tea and the event dinner. We aim to keep the event as affordable as possible, while still delivering a high quality experience.

S4 is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the sciences, and as such has offered a number of partial travel awards to S4 participants from diverse backgrounds, scientifically underrepresented countries or those who otherwise demonstrate financial need. Awards are in the form of a reimbursement, and are meant to help offset the cost of travel to S4. We thank our sponsors, PAGES and EGU, for their financial contributions to these awards.

Poster Session

Participants are encouraged to present their own research at an informal poster session held during the S4. This session will provide an opportunity for participants to practice presenting and discussing their research in a casual environment to receive valuable feedback and suggestions from experts in the field. Participants are welcome to present a research proposal, work in progress or published findings. 

Poster title/abstracts can be submitted during registration.


Cluj-Napoca is served by the Avram Iancu International Airport (, and is easily reached from a wide range of destinations via connecting flights. From the airport, the host institute can be reached by bus (30 minutes travel time, EUR 0.5) or taxi (20 minutes travel time, EUR 5).

Field Trips

The S4 field trip to the Apuseni Mountains will take place over the final two days of the Summer School. We will travel to the heart of Romania’s most famous karst area, located 150 km to the west of Cluj-Napoca. We plan to visit Scarisoara Ice Cave (hosting the largest and oldest underground cave glacier), as well as Meziad and Bears Cave. The group will stay overnight in a mountain lodge. The S4 dinner will take place during the field trip. Costs associated with the field trip and conference dinner will be included in the registration fees. 

Apuseni Nature Park 

Scărișoara Ice Cave

Bears Cave

Other Attractions

The city is in a very good base to explore the must see sights of Transylvania, such as Turda Salt Mine (museum of salt mining), Bran Castle (known as Dracula’s Castle), Sighisoara (a beautiful medieval town) and Rasnov Fortress. The unspoiled architectural and cultural landscape of traditional Transylvania, including that of Apuseni Mountains with majestic karst features and caves are well known touristic attractions.

2019 Planning Committee Members

Planning committee members include Ellen Corrick, Brittany Marie Ward, Oana Dumitru, Tim Pollard, Nitesh Sinha, Ingrid Lindeman, Kevin Wright, Chris Theaker and Hamish Couper. Some our the members bios are available here. 

We also recognize and greatly appreciate the work of the local team in the planning of this summer program. We would especially like to thank the following for their contribution: 

Dr. Ferenc Forray
Dr. Bogdan Onac 
Dr. Aurel Persoiu 
Dr. Daniel Veres
Dr. Virgil Dragusin 


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