Welcome to the 5th Summer School on Speleothem Science S4

We are excited to announce three upcoming S4 events: 

1. S4 Online (January-February 2022)

2. Mini S4 (July 15-16th, 2022 in Innsbruck, Austria)

3. S4 2023 (Summer 2023)

About S4

S4 is a student-led training school aimed at graduate students and those who are new to applying speleothem science (the science of secondary cave mineral deposits) to reconstruct past climate, environmental, and archaeological change. Following four successful summer schools in Heidelberg 2013, Oxford 2015, Burgos 2017, and Cluj-Napoca 2019, the new planning committee is busy working on the 5th installment of S4 which will take place in summer 2023. Please check this website or our social media accounts for news and updates.

S4 features lectures and workshops delivered by world-leading experts within the field. As well as brushing up on speleothem science knowledge, S4 provides an excellent venue for participants to meet other students and established researchers working with speleothems. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their work (even if only at the research proposal stage) during an informal poster session. 


For more information about the types of topics covered see the schedule from S4 2019. Please note that some topics will likely change for S4 2023.


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